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enhancing the user experience: website design

content strategy

I craft websites with purpose using user-centered content and design. Empathy marketing drives my decision-making in structuring web pages with impact.

Jill Medeiros Portfolio - The Trade Risk



I lead content strategy and user experience for The Trade Risk, a financial media startup that provides traders with educational videos, trading tools and products, and coding services. 


WHAT I DO: design all desktop, tablet, and mobile screens as well as introduce new product features. Develop email marketing campaigns to highlight product introductions or promotions.


Feel the flow of several The Trade Risk pages here.

Jill Medeiros Portfolio - Brown Universi



Shortly after starting at Brown University, I was tasked with redesigning their career office's (CareerLAB) website. There were a number of limitations based on university web standards, but through collaboration with various stakeholders, we were able to create a more user-friendly website.


WHAT I DID: through user research, perception audits, and stakeholder surveys, developed the information architecture, microcopy, and overall content strategy and design.


Dive into the robust case study here (coming soon)


Please note: any website screen grabs may have been updated since my departure from Brown University in 2015.

Interested in seeing in-depth case studies? Email me using the contact form below. 

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