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event content & execution

For nearly 10 years, I have produced a number of events by leading strategy, design, and overall execution. 


What makes me a killer event planner and content designer?


  1. Logistics are my jam. I love zooming in from the big picture and figuring out all the little pieces that need to be accounted for in order for an event or program to run. With years of event and program management experience, I'm used to all the administrative tasks that bundle into any operation.

  2. I'm a checklist queen. I'm task-oriented and get a worrisome amount of gratification from checking off an item on my to-do list.​

  3. Community and customer service is in my bones. And I think that's why I love communications and content so much. I believe that marketing, boiled down to its core, is rooted in relationships, human connections, and empathy. I've had extensive experience not only planning and executing events (from an audience of 10 to 1000+), but also in being lead communications manager for the marketing and/or recruitment of it all (via email newsletters, graphic design, social media campaigns – all the the digital and print communications necessary to craft an impactful event). I've worked with the "high-touch" stakeholders to bring them in to speak to students and I've coordinated with all the staff who help us get the event off the ground, such as facilities, print services, tech/AV, and more. Most importantly, each is treated with the same level of attention, care, and respect.


Let's dive into some of the marquee events I've worked on and what hats I wore to accomplish a high-impact program.


A week-long series of events to welcome first year and transfer students to the Foster School of Business.

A summer program to expose high school students to the quantitative areas of business.

An annual career conference for undergraduate and graduate students to learn from alumni panelists.

Week of Welcome

WOW (Week of Welcome)


How do we welcome new students to the Michael G. Foster School of Business? With a week-long series of events, of course! 


With 1000+ participants engaged, I managed every element of the planning, content design, and strategy of the WOW event, including:


  • Collaboration with key sponsor and stakeholder, Ernst & Young, to deliver high engagement

  • Development of programming content for the week by collaborating with 10+ departments in the Foster School to schedule more than 20 breakout sessions

  • Speaker preparation for the Dean of the business school to deliver the WOW welcome address to students

  • Coordination of vendor relationships including securing a DJ, cupcakes, swag (t-shirts and "survival kits" that included notebooks, reusable water bottles, and mini stapler kits)

  • Development of marketing materials, content submission forms, and marketing strategy

  • Management, creation, and review of all presentation slide decks

  • Recruitment and training of students, staff, and volunteers to lead certain "fun" events (eg. waffle bar, ice cream bar)

  • Design and distribution of post-event survey to measure session impact


women's leadership summit


Shortly after joining the Foster School of Business, I was tasked with architecting and designing a program for young women in high school to expose them to the quantitative areas of business (finance, operations management, and information systems). 


In a matter of four months, I took this bubble of an idea – a summer program to increase women's access – and launched it into a robust 3 ½ day program with meaningful content, speakers, and opportunities for the students.

Launching the program in 2016 to serve 28 high school students, I managed both the big picture development of the program and every minute detail, from ideation to execution, including: 


  • Content design for the summit by collaborating with departments at the University of Washington and speakers in the Greater Seattle area to schedule more than 20 sessions

  • Forming partnerships with various companies in Seattle – including Amazon, Alaska Airlines, and Starbucks – to coordinate site visits and female-led panels in interest area job functions

  • Design of application and application criteria

  • Recruitment of Foster School of Business faculty to teach lectures in the three main content areas and planning meetings to ensure lessons were appropriate for the high school level

  • Recruitment of skills-based speakers and lecture activity leads (undergraduate students), as well as  slide deck review and coaching and collaboration with various Undergraduate Programs Office staff members to lead certain sessions through program overview meetings

  • Management of all logistics such as AV/tech, room reservations, catering, swag orders, and off-site community building reservations

  • Development of marketing materials and outreach strategy

  • Design and distribution of pre- and post-event survey to measure summit's impact on students


To this day, the program continues to grow and remains competitive.



Coming soon.

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